About Us

High PA Domains was founded by two internet marketers that were tired of seeing so called “PR sites” sold as being good sites. On top of this the prices they charge for those sites were simply outrageous.  For those that don’t know, in 2013 Google only updated the page rank (PR) metric twice!  One was on February 5th and the other was a full 10 months later on December 5th.  We still can’t believe anyone would actually pay more money for this out dated metric.

We decided that we could out do those other sites on the quality of the sites and beat them on price too.  We use the newer and much more accurate page authority (PA).  Page authority is a metric that is updated at least once a month by the folks at MOZ, and recently they have been updating their data twice a month.  Now, we realize that PA can be gamed to high levels with link spam.  We also use the TrustFlow (TF) metric as well when we list our domains.  TF is a harder metric to game.  Because we know that domains can be gamed, we want everyone to know that we do not, and will never build any links to any domain we have for sale on our site.  The links there are the links that came with it when we picked it up.  To see what else we do to offer the best links you can read up on it here.

We run all of the websites we sell through MOZ so we can determine the quality of the domain.  The data is always available next to each site along with other important, factors such as trust flow.