Terms & Conditions

All of the domains for sale on this website are, to the best of our judgement, naturally high PA domains. We have not manipulated the metrics in any way, nor have we created any back-links, either to third party sites or by using 2.0 sites to artificially increase their PA.

These domains have a very natural link build profile, it also means that we don’t have any control on their back-links, now or in the future. Sometimes web masters decide to remove links, for whatever reason. Also, while we are not new to they ways Google works, we cannot make any guarantees of what will in the future.

For all these reasons, High PA Domains cannot offer any guarantees against losses or gains that may occur through the use of domains purchased here. We strive to ensure every website that we make available for sale meets certain criteria, but there are always going to be links out there that only Google can see.

What we will promise to is that in the unlikely event that one of our websites has a serious flaw that was not detected, we will do our best to work with you in finding a fair solution, however cannot guarantee that a refund will be offered. We understand that happy and satisfied customers are the most valuable asset of a business, and we truly appreciate yours.