Small Business Owner Resource Guide

We understand that not everyone that visits our site is a marketing professional.  Some of you are small business owners that are trying to save a few bucks by doing your internet marketing yourself.  I can only guess at some of the challenges you face trying to learn EVERYTHING there is to learn while still trying to run your business.  It is this reason that we put this together for you.  We want to put a lot of resources in one easy to find area that can help you learn about things that honestly most of you would not have any idea about.  I’m going to do my best to put it in an order that makes sense and try to explain things as well as I can, and on the likely chance I don’t answer everything I would love for you to contact me with your questions.

The first thing I want to talk about before we go over inexpensive or free services is issue a warning to business owners.  There are a lot of marketers on different sites that will offer to do services for you, and in most cases you will get part of what you want, but not all.  When you are spending your marketing budget to rank your website or otherwise promote it you do not want to go with the cheapest people you can.  There are people in third world countries that might only charge 25 dollars for something an American marketer would charge you 600 dollars for.

The one thing you have going for you when you deal with locals is you have some form (even if only minor) accountability.  Many of the people that charge so little are flooded with work and could care less if they get your repeat business as doing only a few jobs a month will cover all their bills.  I’ve dealt with them myself, and sadly every time it was like setting my money on fire.  What is worse is that internet marketing or SEO as its often referred to can hurt your website if done incorrectly.

There are tactics that worked 6 months or 2 years ago that not only do not work, but could cause your website to become penalized, often setting you back months trying to recover from it.  This is why I do suggest that if you do things for your business to promote it you try to find the best practices, and try to only do things considered “white hat”.  More experienced marketers can do black hat SEO for you and will often be able to game the system better, or find ways of minimizing penalties that could happen down the road.

The last bit of warning is no SEO can tell you for sure you will be #1.  No SEO can guarantee that you will rank at a spot or for even how long.  This is a constantly evolving industry that requires frequent change.  The best any marketer can tell you is, the likely hood of what they’re doing hurting your site in the future, and the likely hood that you will increase in rank.  Anything other than that and they are telling you a flat out lie and you do not want to do business with them.  On top of that, getting a site to number 1 is not nearly as tricky as keeping it number 1 if you are using shady methods.

Because of how much there is to cover, I will be breaking this up into four different topics.  The first is the History of Internet Marketing.  It is important to know how the industry has evolved and changed over the last two decades.  Things that worked six or eight months ago can now greatly hurt the rank of your website.  I wanted to cover all of this so that as a small business owner if anyone ever suggests any of the things covered on that page you can spot them for the fraud they are and find a more reputable person or company to work with.

The next topic I felt was important to go over was the Current State of Internet Marketing.  It is important to know what is working, how it works, and what might be not working for much longer.  I have tried to cover everything I could think of here to make it as detailed as I can.  There was a fair amount to go over, and should be a huge help to anyone that is trying to do their own SEO for their business.

The third section was the Cheap and Free Online Resources that are available to internet marketers.  People who do SEO or internet marketing for a living already know what most of these are and how to use them, but if you’re a business owner your main focus is running your business as best you can, and not trying to find all these resources that most people would never have any idea are out there.  So to save you time and effort I put together a bunch of the most commonly used ones that I think will help the most people.

Last I wanted to talk about Securing your Website!  Wordpress is the most common content management platform on the internet for a reason.  Simply put it is so darn easy to use!  Because it is so widely used it makes it a prime target for hackers that want to do bad things to your website for their own financial gains.  Even worse is that WordPress itself is not very secure, and if you do not use minimal protection methods YOUR SITE WILL BE HACKED.  I go over two different tools you can use to easily protect your website against the majority of the bot attacks that are out there.  It will not stop someone that is determined to hack your site, but against all but the very few dedicated people your site should be much safer.