Securing your Website

ways to avoid getting hackedI see hacked pages all the time.  The sad truth is most website owners that are hacked have no idea that it has even happened to them.  Gone are the days when kids would deface your site for fun.  Now the hackers add extra pages selling fake handbags or watches at best, or worse other things I don’t even want to mention on this site.  One easy tip off that you have been hacked is to watch your backlink profile on MajesticSEO and if you start seeing links built to your site with things you are not selling its safe to guess you’ve been hacked.

Most website owners will use WordPress because fairly inexpensive to have a site built and it is easy to use and maintain, however it is also fairly easy to hack.  Make sure you run the latest version of WordPress, the theme your site runs on, and any plugins.  If they are all up to date, it makes it a good deal harder for these bots to hack your site.

Now as far as a good free security software goes, Better WP Security is one of the best free choices out there.  It is not terribly difficult to set up and has some really nice features.  You can set it up so that it bans the IP of people who fail to log in correctly to your site a specific number of times, it can back up your entire site and email it to you, and too many other things to list here.  I cannot recommend this plugin enough for what it has done for me.

The only down side Better WP Security is that there are a few settings that can cause conflicts with WordPress themes and plugins.  Because of this it can be a bit of a pain to set it up, but once it is configured properly.  If you would like to have us set this up on your server for you just contact us and we’ll be happy to set it up for you for a small fee.

better wp security makes your website more secureBetter WP Security cannot be overstated.  You need a minimum level of antivirus for your computer because of the world we live in, your website needs the same just because of the world we live in.  If you don’t have a minimum level of security on your website it is not a matter of if you will be hacked, it is when will it happen.  I’ve seen it happen too many times and I have seen it destroy a domain someone had worked hard to build up.

So Better WP Security is great for dealing with people that can get to your site, but what if there was another layer of protection, with a fairly low cost to it that could really raise the bar with your security?  It is like having a nightclub with 20 bouncers at the doors rather than just 1 or 2.  Well this software is out there and it’s called Spyder Spanker.  The sad reality is that the majority of the hacks come from Russia and China.  What this WordPress plugin does is simply blocks traffic from parts of the world where you will never make a sale anyways.

spyder spanker blocks hackers from even getting to your siteIf you know that the only sales to your site will be local, or US and Canada you can block all the traffic from the rest of the world and instantly your website is far safer just because you have blocked the traffic you already did not care about from ever even being able to reach your website.  If the Russian and Chinese hackers cannot even access your website it makes it far more difficult for them to hack it.  Like many crooks they are looking for the easy targets, and are not going to invest any real time trying to break in if they can find 50 other easy targets.

Normally I don’t tell people to not get traffic, but if you know where your market is, and its people in the community you live in, why would you want someone from China, or Nepal or Russia on your site anyways?  When you use this plugin in conjunction with a security program you greatly reduce the chance of a hacker accessing your site and defacing it or adding unwanted pages.  By the way those unwanted pages can cause your nice high rankings to vanish because Google may think you are selling cheap goods, or discount drugs or whatever they’re pushing on your site.

Protect your investment now.  A little time spent securing things and making regular backups will save you a lot of pain and heartache in the future.

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