Private Blog Networks and the State of SEO – Summer / Fall 2014

High PA Domains - Domains for your Private Blog NetworkWelcome to August! Can you believe the year is almost over? I hope you have your sites in place and getting ranked for Halloween, Black Friday & Christmas! This is the time to start!

I just wanted to quickly go over the most effective things in SEO and some of the things that are helping us to rank websites right now.

Private Blog Networks

It should go without saying that private blog networks (PBN’s) are still doing great for passing highly effective link juice to your money sites. I just wanted to take a minute to go over a few things that have come up over the last year that are very important if you want to make the most of your PBN Sites. To see our current list of domains for available for sale that are perfect for your PBN, click here!

Make sure you only host 1 or 2 from the same hosting company.

This is purely used to break up the footprint and make sure you have unique IP addresses (more on this below). The other reason is it is really easy for Google to see who your web host is. And if you have all of your sites on the same host – even on different IP addresses, Google can detect this quite easily and penalize you for it.

IP Addresses

Try to get at the very least a different class C IP for each PBN that links to your money site. For those of you who don’t understand what class C means, lets say your website is hosted on IP 26:147:108:195. IP addresses are broken down into classes. They look like this: AAA:BBB:CCC:DDD. So in this example, your class C IP is 108.

Keep The Content Relevant

Only post content related to your money site on your Private Blog Network (PBN). Do not post about loans or shoes if the site is on dog training. While this is not a MUST, following it will get you the best results.

I found out first hand how the first and third were killing a few money sites before. I was using SEOhost to host my PBN network. I moved a few domains off there onto a different host and my rank shot up quickly. Likewise I was doing a link exchange with some people and 20 different topics were getting posted about, there was no relevance to my money site at all. When I left I requested that they kill all the links to my site. About a week after this two of my sites were locked into the top 3 spots. Considering where you are, you already know where to buy the best PBN sites.

Link building is risky

You want to make sure that anything you build to your money site is by hand or by a service you trust. Automated link building to money sites is just too dangerous. The exceptions to this are with social tools. There are certain social tools that you can use now that really make Google show you the love. I suggest doing some research into this area and finding something that works for you. I suggest Social Explosion. It’s added a lot of link diversity, and some great social signals that Google likes to see. This really has raised our visibility on a few sites.

Link building to 2.0 sites

This still seems to work out fine, you want to watch out for a few things though. You want to make sure that you don’t go crazy with the same 2.0 platforms over and over. Also when you use these you want to make sure you only target a keyword once per 2.0 site. There should be enough keywords you have with branding or branding and url to let you use quite a bit of 2.0. This will be a great way to cut down on some of the PBN’s, but are not meant to substitute PBN’s only supplement what PBN’s do.

Private Blog NetworkHangouts On Air or HOA’s

Everyone knows that YouTube videos are hot, but did you know that Hangouts On Air (HOA’s) appear to be ranking even better? If you’ve ever seen a YouTube video ranked well that you just can’t push off the top spot I suggest you try a HOA. Get a few 2.0 sites built with links pointed at your HOA and blast it with links and in as little as a few hours to a few days you will see just how well it ranks.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

One of the latest Crazes over the last few weeks was that if your site doesn’t use SSL, your rankings will drop. We have done some testing with this and just can’t see any impact that it has on rankings. That being said, if you need the security and encription that SSL offers – it is a must have. But for your general Money Site or even PBN – it just isn’t worth it. Not to mention that they are just a pain to actually get set up and configured.

I can’t stress enough that while the above tactics are great, there is always going to be one method that will drive a lot more traffic if its done correctly. We are really focusing at the moment on using social signals and video in part of our strategy. But don’t forget the basics. Always posting on forums where your market is, and being active in their community is the best way to be known, and drive traffic to your sites. Use Mailing lists whenever you can and find the best way to use Mail Blasts. On some sites it is a once a week blast, on others it is simply whever you have a great offer or a new blog post. If I know you as an expert of whatever I need, and you’ve helped me before there is a good chance I will click on your link to buy from you. Trust is invaluable, and it helps if I know you are selling what I’m looking for. This is not the easy quick fix, this is the long term win the long race approach. The more often you post things, on several forums, the better the chance a wider audience will see your post. It might even be 2-3 years after you posted where someone does a Google search and your post in a forum shows up. You’ve just helped someone and possibly driven them to your site for even more information, and potential sales.

Please take a look at our Domains for sale, which would be the perfect addition to your Private Blog Network. If you need any assistance setting it up, or if you have never set up a Private Blog Network before, Please let us know and we will do our best to help!