PBN Tutorial pt.2

How to set up and use Full Control SEO Networker (FCS)

It is also important to note that using 2.0 sites to funnel link juice to your tier 1 and then onto your money site is one of the easiest ways to protect both your tier 1 domains and your money sites.  Should things go bad, you can simply remove the links from the 2.0 sites to your tier 1 domains and if it was passing along a penalty, you should be able to remove it by just killing the links to it.

As far as setting up a linking structure, you want to avoid interlinking sites on the same tier level.  Tier 1 should never link to another tier 2, only the money site, and nofollow links to authority sites in your niche.  Tier 2 should never link to other tier 2 sites, only tier 1’s and nofollow’s to authority sites.  Tier 3’s not to other tier 3’s but only to tier 2’s and maybe authority sites.  By not linking only to 1 site every time you spread out the web a bit to make the linking look more natural.

The fastest way to bring attention to your site is for there to be a link funnel set up where everything only flows to a dead end (your money site).  The internet is called the web because it is a spider web of interconnected sites.  It looks completely unnatural to have 50-100 sites just funneling down to a dead end.  Avoid it, and link out to other authority sites, wikipedia, youtube, a news story on Yahoo.

Now 2.0 sites are great, but they don’t come with link juice, so adding them to your pbn domains will have very little effect.  You need to hit them with a large amount of links so they pass link juice into your pbn and on down into your money site.  You need a tool like GSA.  I have a full 90 minute tutorial on how to use GSA, presented just below this paragraph, with a list of everything else you will need in the video description.  This is where there will be considerable cost, however the value it provides is incredible.


What GSA does is it builds links to sites.  You can scrape the internet for sites in the niches you want, so you have a better chance of posting your link to those sites.  When you get it running well you can build many thousands of links per day.  My record in 24 hours is 263k links.  It is harder to build that many now with the later versions, but you can still build quite a number of links.  These links will give the 2.0 sites you make the power to maintain your pbn and power up your 2.0 blog networks.

It is important to note that while it is easy to use 2.0 sites to add great link juice to your money site, its not advised to use only 2.0 sites as again this is completely unnatural.  You will want to use a mix of 2.0’s and a pbn to provide the link juice that you will need to dominate the SERPs.

As for how many pbn sites, or 2.0’s it will take to rank your money site on first page, our best answer is who knows.  Every situation is unique, every niche has its own variables, just as every local market does too.  Ranking for anything in Dallas will likely take more tier 1’s than ranking for something in any other major city just because of how many internet marketers live in that area.  Ranking for anything in the health or financial markets will be more difficult than others.  Some people can rank on the first page with just a few pbn domains, others might need 8-12.

If you have a well balanced anchor percent, and you are able to get other good links to your money site like citations, you should not need all that many domains to rank.  You can always start off with 3-4 domains, track where you were before you added the domains, and where you ended up after.  If you were on the 3rd page and ended up on the end of the first, you might only need 2-3 more to find a permanent home in the top 3 or 5.

Later on I may go over some more advanced concepts here.  I need to talk to a few friends and see how they feel about me using methods they came up with.  If this long page of information does not answer all of your questions on setting up and using a pbn to rank a money site please send us a message on the contact page with what we missed and we’ll get it added as soon as we can.