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Things you need to know about setting up your private blog network.  I will try to cover as much stuff as I can, however in some cases I may have to be general on what I provide.  It is not that I don’t want to share with you the information, it is just that Google makes it hard to know exacts, and a lot of the information people go off of is educated guesses based upon what their testing has lead them to believe.  In some cases there are conflicting reports, and there always seems to be some exceptions to the rules.  If that sounds rather confusing, welcome to internet marketing.

Questions I receive from this post will be answered in a PBN FAQ.

Buying PBN Domains

Private Blog NetworksOne of the first steps to setting up your PBN is buying domains.  I am going to skip this part because I assume since you are reading this on my site that sells domains, you already know where to find them. Since you found us, you have come to the right place. Click Here to see all of the domains we currently have for sale.


The next obvious step is to host them somewhere.  We suggest using cheap hosting providers that you can find here.  We do not endorse any of them, nor do we claim any are good, it is only a list where you can find inexpensive hosting.

One of the things you will want to keep in mind is that in summer/fall of 2013 Google made some changes to make it more difficult to set up and run pbn’s.  Even if each domain you have is on a different IP, having 10 on the same host will provide you with greatly diminishing returns.  For this reason we highly suggest that you only put two, or max three domains on any given host per money site.  You can have two domains on a host pointing at one money site, and two more at another money site, and still two more at a third or fourth money site, so in that regard it does not matter.  You just want to limit the amount per host pointing at one specific money site.

What we have done is compiled a list of cheap hosting sites you can use to host your pbn sites on.  We do not recommend or endorse any of them.  This is simply a list to save you the hassle of having to go out and find inexpensive hosting options.  If you have additional hosts that you think should be on the list let us know and we might add it to the inexpensive hosting list.

Adding Content to your PBN

So once you pick your hosting and set up your site, you will want to re-purpose it around what the money site is that you plant to link it to.  What I mean by this is say you register yahoo.com, you could use the domain name as the “brand” of your tier 1 site.  So lets say for instance your money site is on dog toys, your brand could be yahoo dog toys.  All the articles on your site would be based on different things related to the different dog toys you made up, and you’d link them to your money site.

If you are like me, writing content for PBNs is the last thing on your list to do. What I like to do is have the content written for me. Just make sure that all the content passes Copyscape. Use a service such as Quality Writing Solutions and you won’t have any issues with content.

One simple thing you could do is get a bunch of articles written, add your links, and drip-feed the articles onto your PBN. Then the links will come in over time and look totally natural. Just make sure to keep it unique to each tier 1 domain you post it on.  You may need to do a few other tweaks to make it unique and readable for each site you post it on, just make sure it looks natural.  You will want some minor differences that the spinning will do so that you do not have duplicate content.

Anchor Text

Something you need to consider is the percent of anchor text ratios you use in your articles.  Url’s and branding anchors should make up a large part of the anchors that point to your money site.  Examples of url links are: http://www.domain.com  www.domain.com  http://domain.com  & domain.com   Branding is what was talked about earlier with the dog toys, but in the out bound links (obl) you would use your money sites brand.  Also mixing up your url with brand is good too.  There is no right way that anyone has come across, however there are plenty of bad ways.

Keyword Research is Key!

Keyword Research

One of the easiest ways to not rank for a keyword is to use the money keywords (the keywords you want to rank for) accounting for too high of a percent of your overall links.  While no one is quite sure what the ideal percent the money keywords should be around 1-3%.  You will want to rely on non money keywords for the bulk of the anchors to your site for the maximum ranking effects, and there are other resources on the internet that may better answer this for you.


So now that your domain is set up, and you have an article or two on it you will want to set up a few plugins (assuming you are using wordpress).  One called linkjuicekeeper is a great one for doing an automatic 301 redirect to the main url of your site.  This will maximize the link juice on that page, where the bulk of your links to your money site will be.

OK, so now you have a working blog up you have to look at maintaining the domains you own, and adding additional link juice.  I created a video that demonstrates how you can use a pbn with a 2.0 blog network to power your sites up with great success.  Keep in mind, there are costs to doing anything below this point, and while I do everything I can to present as much information to minimize your out of pocket expenses, there are too many things in internet marketing that you may need to use that have fee’s, and I’ve done my best to keep them below this video.

I detail how you can push massive link juice to your money site, and keep the PA & DA values high.  It is important for me to list a few things here.  We do not use 2.0 sites to inflate the value of the PA or DA or trust flow of any domain we sell.  The values on the site are the same as they were when we bought them (or less).  I say or less, because over time if these domains are not getting new links from reputable sources, the PA, DA and trust flow can, and likely will go down.  So using a 2.0 blog network is an easy an fairly inexpensive way to maintain the power of your domains.  Yes, it is possible that you could also jump them up too, depending on what you do with your 2.0 sites.  I have had a lot of success with a tool called FCS Networker.  On the next page I have a ton more information including a nearly 30 minute long tutorial on how to us FCS Networker (a 2.0 creation piece of software that also posts articles and links on the 2.0 sites it creates).

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