Q: When it comes to anchor ratio on the PBN, this is probably the most confusing for me as I have never attempted it.  In my scenario I am going to buy 3 high pa domains.  For each domain I plan to only place up to 10 OBL’s as to concentrate the link juice to the money site and not dilute the effectiveness of the each link by having a high OBL(at least I think that makes sense).  So for 3 domains x 10 links that gives me 30 links to utilize and point in some ratio to my money site and link out to authority sites.

A: First off, if you are only linking dofollow links to your money site, your link juice does not get diluted (that is the general concensus anyways).  You are sending all of the link juice to the site, so you should pass everything, less the very little if any a nofollow link will give to an authority site you link to.  Knowing that, do not focus on a specific number of obl for your site.  With your money site you want to give the money keywords the biggest push with link juice, so try to work them in where you can, and do it naturally.  Also, it does not hurt to add regular content to your tier 1 domains.  You want to make it look as natural and real as you can.  It would be best if you could even get some traffic from there to your money site.

Q: So 1-3% of the links should be money keywords linking back to the money site. With 30 links.. that would me I should use my money keyword as the actual anchor at most once?  So just pick on of the domains in the PBN to place that money keyword?

A: As stated above, try to use your money keywords in your pbn’s.  You will want to use 2.0’s or forum posts, or other things to dilute your anchor percent.  Given how easy it is to make and add content to 2.0’s with tools like FCS Networker, you should be using these to give your money site the url and branding links you need to minimize the percent of money keywords you use.

Q: On GSA, does it require that I also purchase the GSA Captcha Breaker or can I use Death By Captcha or some other service?

A: Yes it does, the GSA Captcha Breaker is a 1 time fee that has saved me over $15,000 in captcha solving fee’s in 2013.  Where the service really shines is you can set it up so that if it cannot answer the captcha, you can use another service such as Death By Captcha, thus greatly increasing the amount of links you can post, for only a little extra money.

Q: Back to anchor ratio.  The urls that I would be placing as anchors also happen to be my main money keyword as I am using an EMD.  Does this impact how I should disperse my anchor text across the entire PBN?

A: When using an EMD site as a money site you need to be extra careful not to over use your money keyword on your page as it has a similar effect of having too high of a percent of your links with that keyword.  Try and get creative and use similar words in your articles and titles without over doing it with the keyword that is already in your domain name.

Q: In your video rank any website, I remember hearing you say that you link out from any of the Tires to other authority sites…. Should I do that from my PBN and WEB 2.0 sites ? And if I get penalized I can just remove the tier 1 ?

A: You should link out to authority sites from them all.  It lets Google know that you are more likely trustworthy by linking to them.  Even if you are not providing quality content (and you should be trying a little), it gives them the illusion that you are, so make sure you do this when you can.

Q: What kind of links ( Keyword anchors ) do you use for the 3 tier GSA links to the web 2.0 sites, and to the PBN… is it a variety of keywords relevant to the money site and PBN? Do you just blast the 2nd tier with all kind of links unrelated?

A: You want the anchors to be of the same niche for best results, try to avoid using unrelated links.  That said you do not want them to be the exact keywords you want to rank your money site for, as I have had a few friends rank the 2.0 sites higher than their money site.  Unless you find a great way to convert customers on 2.0 sites this is NOT something you want to happen.

Also, you never want to use GSA directly on your money site or your tier 1.  You want to let any possible penalty be filtered out by another domain first.  I realize that this can result in a large number more 2.0 sites than you might otherwise have needed, but it is better than throwing away tier 1’s or your money site that you have spent enough money on already.