What is High PA Domains and how is it different from other domain sellers?

High PA Domains scours the internet for high quality natural domains with high PA. We are different from other domain sellers in that we only focus on natural non spammy domains that you can use for your private blog network or money sites. By only going after the natural ones that were created often over years you can be sure that these domains are not flagged by Google and will pass high quality link juice to your money sites safely.

What is this PA you are talking about? Do you really mean PR?

Matt Cutts an engineer at Google said recently at Pubcon 2013

“No Toolbar PageRank scheduled for rest of year The pipeline for updating PageRank broke this year and PageRank stopped updating. Google realized that it wasn’t that bad and stopped updating as people seem to pay too much attention to the metric. It’s something they will reassess at a later time.”

Matt Cutts
Head of the Google Webspam Team
Simply put PR is an outdated metric, and not even the most accurate one by any stretch right now. In fact the last PR Update was in December 2013, but the PR Data looks to be from September or August 2013. Matt Cutts himself said that it only was released when Google Techs were fixing another problem, and the update went out.

Instead of PR, we use a different set of metrics to determine the highest quality sites. Page Authority or PA is a metric that the folks at MOZ came out with a while back and many SEO experts agree that it is the most accurate metric we have to determine the actual link juice a page can pass to another right now.[/wpspoiler]

What about Fake PR?

We don’t use the PR metric so there is not an issue with fake PR. Also currently there are no known ways to fake PA, but if you buy a domain from us and it becomes clear that there is a problem where there might be fake PA we will evaluate things on a case by case basis.

How do I get my domain after buying it from your site?

As soon as we possibly can we will transfer the domains you purchase to you. At the very longest it should take 12 hours, but our goal is to have it take a few hours or less. After you pay for your new domain, you will be asked to provide your GoDaddy account number and the email that you have associated with that account. It is important for us to receive this information so we can “Push” the domain to your account.

Can I take my new domain to a different registrar?

Currently we only use GoDaddy as our registrar. If you wish to take your domain to a different registrar, there is usually a cost involved, as you need to pay for one additional year of registration. There is also a 60 day period after registration where a domain cannot be transferred to a different registrar.

Where can I find out more about PA and DA?

Page Authority and Domain Authority are metrics that the folks at MOZ came up with, and you can check your domains PA and DA at http://www.opensiteexplorer.org/ They also have some very good information at http://moz.com/learn/seo/page-authority

What happens if Google updates the PR again, will it mean the PA metric is worthless?

Absolutely not. The PR Metric was last updated in December 2013, and the Google indicated that they were fixing one problem, and a PR update was released. It is our belief that this was a mistake on the part of Google, and it was never supposed to be released. That being said, PR is still not the best metric to test the quality of the domain, it is simply an easy number that is being promoted as something better than it really is. You can do testing as we have between a PR3 and a PR6. The PR3 had a PA value of 43, the PR6 we looked at only had a PA of 38! This PR3 domain also showed up in MajesticSEO as one of the highest sites I had passing link juice, the PR6 was listed below it. So while we don’t know the metric MajesticSEO uses, we know it is similar to PA in that it looks for other factors to determine link quality rather than using PR.