How Domains Are Selected

sculpting pa domainsI’ve had some questions on how the sites get selected, and how we determine if the site is good enough.  Because these are good questions, and I believe that transparency is a good thing in this business I do not have a problem telling anyone the process each domain goes through.  I tell people it is like a sculptor sculpting stone.  You have to chisel through many bad domains to reveal the best ones.

The very first thing that gets domains removed from my list is the name.  If I see the word “jersey” or “hand bag”, “louis vuitton” or anything else that will tell me its spammed to death I don’t even bother with it.

The first major thing I look for when I’m looking for a domain is the PA of it.  I check the PA of any domain first.  If the domain does not have a PA of at least 25 I don’t even consider it.  Now, anyone that has been to this site and seen what is sold will notice that rarely will you find anything near a 25 on our list.  I start with the top PA I can find and work my way down.  This is not to say that PA 25 domains are not good, they are just not as good as a 35 or 45.

After I have a list of the top sites with PA I look their backlink profile and trust flow.  The backlink profile of the domain is important.  We do look at the ratio of the different anchor text, but our main concern is not finding links that would indicate the domain has been spammed before or used as a private blog network.  I want to make sure the domain is a domain that someone used and cared for as their own money site before that had links built to it naturally.  This is why some of the domains might have ratios that are not perfect, but you should see that they have well ranked Alexa sites linking to them.  So what I’m saying is, if the backlink profile is not something I would want for my own PA site, its not one I am going to sell to you.

On the topic of backlinks, is there any reason why domains with anchor text could be chosen if they are not in pretty ratios?  Yes.  Often what we’ll find is that domains that have natural backlinks built to it will be skewed so they do not look pretty with ratios you would want if you were trying to rank something.  Often when this is the case the domains that link to it will have an Alexa rank that are under 100k.  Our view is that if 100% of the anchor text were all the same, and 90% of the domains are Alexa rank 1 million or less, its still going to be a rock solid domain.  So if you see domains with unbalanced anchor when you get your domain, don’t freak out, its met every one of our other tests or it would not be for sale.

The last thing we do before we buy a domain is we run it through the way back machine to look back over the last few years and find out what it was.  In many cases the last few years might not be available, but if we see any indication that it was running as part of a blog network for someone else we don’t buy it.  The only reason we would buy a domain that has Asian backlinks to it is if it was a real website for someone (usually in Japan) and the translation of the site makes it clear it was not just some churn and burn website someone would have abused.  Most of the websites that have the metrics we look for fail in this step.  We feel this is one of the most important things we can do to provide our customers the best domains possible.

no manual actionSo after I buy the domains and get them hosted I do two additional things.  I get the site indexed, and I add it to Google Webmaster Tools (GWT).  If the site does not index, its no good to you, and you’ll hate me for selling it to you.  So this is important.  It gets added to GWT to make sure that there is nothing else wrong with the site that somehow we missed.

Something that is important to know is by us making sure they are indexed before you buy them means you should not have any issues getting them indexed yourself, and that whatever content you add to them will be indexed quickly in hours or days, and not weeks.  If the domain was parked for a while it can take Google quite some time to get it indexed, this should never be an issue with a domain bought from us.

PA UpdateWhen Moz does their PA update, we update our site with the latest numbers so that we can give you all the latest numbers for each site to help you pick the best one for you.  After all that is done, we look at PR.  Yes, PR is just an afterthought.  Our view is that it is just a  way other domain sellers can milk extra money from you without adding anything of real value.  We’re beyond that here.

This is what goes into every domain we sell.  If it does not meet up with our strict standards we do not sell the site on our main page.  We will soon have a bargain page that people can buy slightly damaged domains at a heavy discount.  Yes sometimes even we make mistakes and buy domains that might have some anchor text spam, or it has a GWT penalty (one that can likely be easily removed with a little TLC)

If we did not care about what we sold, I could be buying up +55PA domains every day that are spammed with all Asian anchors or are clearly garbage.  It is important for all of us here at High PA Domains to build a good reputation with other marketers so that you know we’re not out to sell you garbage just to make a buck.  I hope this builds a little more trust between us now that you know what goes into every domain before its sold to you.